Notice! Notice!! Notice!!! Please make sure you read this message to the END, its for your own benefits because you can’t find this SERVICE anywhere again except here, so make sure you read it till END, just need 5 minutes of your time to read this POWERFUL MESSAGE.
Still struggling to make sales and get leads on Facebook?
New All in One Facebook Post Trender Marketing Software
Never purchase Facebook Ads again! This software will grab the attention of your targeted audience for you on AUTOPILOT! With zero extra investment and 100% Reliable
Have you ever use some of these Facebook auto posting software  that spam, groups,pages even your friends but still no solid result?
Do you want to Stand Out from the Crowd on your Facebook marketing?
Do you want a lot of people to see and interact with your post any time you post them on Facebook?
Do you want to make massive sales and leads from every single post you make on Facebook?
Do you want Thousands of people to always see your post on Facebook groups without spending a dime?
If you answer “YES” to any of these, IT’S TIME TO MAKE A BIG CHANGE!
I guess by now you already know that spamming a lot of Facebook groups will not only get your accounts ban, but it is also an old fashion way of marketing on Facebook, non connected member of that group can only see your post when alot of people interact with your post exception of that, only your  friends on that group will be notified .
So, If thousands of people on that group are not connected to you either by following you or connected as Facebook friends , you will be wasting your time advertising/posting on that group without the use of Facebook Post Traffics Software!
There is a fast and easy solution out there!
Let’s keep my software aside for now i will tell you a secrete today, that you may have never seen anywhere and am telling you this with 100% assurance and you can try it out
The current Facebook algorithm has completely destroyed Facebook group and profile post, in the sense that anything you post on Facebook groups will only be notified to your friends and be seen on the newsfeed of  your friends that always communicate with you , it can never appear in the news feed/wall of other members of that group
let’s take example; If you are in a group of 10,000 peoples and you have only 2 friends on that group, whenever you post a content on that group, these 2 friends of yours will be notified but the remaining 9998 people won’t know anything about your post, unless your post  got engaged with more comments and likes only then will your post  appear on other 9998 members newsfeed/wall

If you want to find out if this is true; download another browser create another Facebook account from it use that account to join a Facebook group you are member of, then after the admin approves your new account to be member of the group use that new account to make a post on that group, check to see if you will see any post from that new account on your wall, you will be surprise you wont, that’s exactly what happens when you make a post on a Facebook groups, people that doesn’t communicate with you and also not connected with you won’t see your post
That is the reason why i develop this software for serious marketers that really want to make a leaving from Facebook!

what this software does , is to use a human emulation strategy with your Facebook accounts to trend your post so that 100s and 1000s, of people on your targeted Facebook groups and also people connected to you on Facebook will be to see your post  without you having to launch a single ads!.
EVERY Facebook marketer’s DREAM software with the ability to dominate his/her competitors on Facebook  all on AUTOPILOT IS FACEBOOK POST TRENDER SOFTWARE! Yes! Software that can give a new turn to your Facebook marketing experience without LIFTING A PENNY from your pockets for Facebook ads or learning some dirty tricks! from so called gurus that doesn’t always work!

This software is tested and shown to be the best Facebook marketing app out there not only that your account is fully 100% safe from Facebook ban and at the same time you Dominates all Your competitors on Facebook groups you are member of!
It is an amazing marketing software exclusively for business owners that uses Facebook for their online marketing, people that really wants to OUT SMART their competitors
The FB Marketing Automation Tool does everything for you! This software has helped hundreds of marketers to generate new sales leads, traffic to their website and equaled out to earn them much more $$$$$.

This software is not like other spammy software out there that post randomly across Facebook which gives you no result, One post you trend with this software supercide thousands of post made by your competitor
One of the main features that this software has is that domination power, to out rank your competitors and  to make your post goes viral on that group
This main feature of FB Post Trender Software is something you cannot do manually without having to pay for ads!
 Facebook Marketing Automation Key Features:

Ø  Reach your target customers without spending a single dime on Facebook ads!
  Ø  Makes sure  all  your post on fb groups keeps trending any time you posted them
  Ø  Makes your post gain authority anytime you posted them!
  Ø  Able to hype your post with the comment feature in the software
  Ø  Able to hype your post with the like feature in the software
  Ø  Steal your competitors audience by  “always trending your post each time you advertise in the group”
  Ø  Automatically solve Facebook security captcha
  Ø  Emulate human interactions! People will think that it’s actually real users that are interacting with your post thus drawing their attention to the post and pushing them into buying customers! 
  Ø  Schedule your campaign on autopilot! Let the software do the work for you!
  Ø  User friendly interface 
  Ø  And tons of other useful features…
Features and Support
You can make your social media marketing skyrocket and improve your ranking and ultimately the overall impression. Not only does Robo FB let you manage your Facebook account, but it also comes with a lot of support for the use. With the support offered by us

  ü  Post To Thousands Of Facebook Groups At Once
  ü  Post to Facebook Pages
  ü  Get Unlimited Traffic to Your Page
  ü  Auto Repeat
  ü  Separate Your Groups By Categories
  ü  Forget About Account Jail Or Ban
  ü  Schedule Posts for Later
  ü  Auto Bumping Post/Auto Comment
  ü  Auto Group Joiner
  ü  Auto Invite Friends To Join Groups
  ü  And more………………………

Here’s how you will profit with this Facebook Tools
Just some of the many ways to boost your income and business
Set your Facebook marketing campaign on autopilot while doing something else
Promote any product and stand out from your competitors
Sell your Facebook marketing services with ease
Build your targeted email list where you can offer related products
Grow your Facebook community and build authority
Never pay for Facebook marketing ads again!
So what are you waiting for?
(Grab your copy now)
But Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!
Even If You Have FACEBOOK AUTOPOSTER You Still Need Active FACEBOOK GROUPS Because without Active FACEBOOK GROUPS then the FACEBOOK AUTOPOSTER Is useless so  Expose Your Adverts To 97 Millions People on Facebook
Get Downlines/Referrals For Your Programs?
• Get More Customers For Your Offline Businesses ?
• Get Lot Of Traffics/Visits For Your Website Everyday?
These Tool & Resources Will Expose Your Adverts To 97 Millions People on Facebook
Nine Thousand Seven Hundred & Fifty Eight (9,748) Facebook Groups.
What You Can Do With These Advertising Tool & Resources:

1. You can use these Tools and Resources to Advertise your Programs/Businesses and get downlines/referrals/customers.

2. You can use them to drive Traffics/Visits to your website.

3. You can give them out to people who join your programs/businesses (Your Downlines/Referrals) as bonus so that it can help them too in advertising their own programs/businesses.

Use these same resources and tool to attract buyers. That is, use what you are selling to get more buyers for them.
Are You Looking For Where To Advertise Your Business/Programs & Get Better Result?
Are You Struggling Or Having Difficulties In Getting Downlines/Referrals For Your Programs?

Will You Like To Get More Customers For Your Offline Businesses?

Will You Like To Be Getting Lot Of Traffics/Visits from Real People For Your Website Everyday?

This Advertising Resources which is:
Nine Thousand Seven Hundred & Fifty Eight (9,748) Facebook Groups: Are Groups on Facebook that consist of people who want to join Money Making Programs and earn money online, advertise their business/income opportunities. All of these groups were set up mainly for businesses. You are free to post your own business/programs and get people who will show interest in what you have.
Some of these groups are having on each of them:
  ü  526,029 Members
  ü  496,406 Members
  ü  212,635 Members
  ü  181,840 Members
  ü  180,997 Members
  ü  179,556 Members
  ü  170,059 Members
  ü  162,618 Members
  ü  123,196 Members
  ü  115,168 Members
  ü  113,339 Members
  ü  110,122 Members
  ü  103,505 Members
  ü  100,420 Members
  ü  99,740 Members
  ü  96,865 Members
  ü  95,293 Members
  ü  94,743 Members
  ü  93,551 Members
  ü  91,139 Members
  ü  90,410 Members
  ü  84,849 Members
  ü  84,243 Members
  ü  79,242 Members
  ü  79,205 Members
  ü  647,740 Members
  ü  1,249,429 Members
  ü  861,742 Members
  ü  597,446 Members
  ü  799,429 Members
  ü  1,478,121 Members

If you focus mainly on these 31 (Thirty One) out of 9,748 groups alone, you will be advertising to 9,399 ,077 (Nine Million, Three Hundred And Seventy – Seven) People.
These groups consist of people from the world. Whatever country you are looking for or is/are your target, you will meet them in there.
Some of the Groups Names Are:

  Ø  Advertise Your Business Here
  Ø  Blogging
  Ø  Film
  Ø  School/ Higher Education/Others
  Ø  Entertainment
  Ø  Business
  Ø  Marketing
  Ø  Internet Marketing
  Ø  Jobs
  Ø  Online Marketing
  Ø  Make Money
  Ø  Network Marketing
  Ø  Link Posting
  Ø  Blogger’s Group
  Ø  Website
  Ø  Facebook
  Ø  Link And Share
  Ø  Online Software Informer
  Ø  Buy & Sell
  Ø  Earn Online
  Ø  Gamers Planet
  Ø  Computer World
  Ø  Online Shop
  Ø  Post Your Link Here
  Ø  Share Your Business With Us
  Ø  HomeBased Business
  Ø  MLM Africa
  Ø  MLM Nigeria
  Ø  Online Income
  Ø  Earn Money Online
  Ø  Passive Income
  Ø  Internet Marketing etc.
  Ø  Post Your Business
  Ø  Advertise Your Home Business
  Ø  etc.


QUESTION: Does the Facebook post trender software work on a Mac computer?
ANSWER: Sorry, but this software is for a PC running a windows operating system. But, you can run Windows software on a Mac by installing the free VirtualBox virtualization software, and then install a copy of Windows inside the VirtualBox software on your Mac. There are several videos on YouTube that show how this can be done.
QUESTION: Does the software run on windows XP?
ANSWER: The software will not run properly on windows XP since windows stopped supporting that OS. We suggest to upgrade your OS to windows 7,8.1 or 10.
QUESTION: Does the software have a monthly recurring payment to use the system?
ANSWER: No if you purchase today!
QUESTION: When can i receive the software details after I purchase?
ANSWER: You will get everything immediately after the transaction.
So get the New All in One Facebook AUTOPOST TRAFFICS SOFTWARE for just 3,500 Naira Now and Get the ACTIVE FACEBOOK GROUPS for just 1500 Naira but you can pay for both for just 4,500 Naira only.
Which means if you want to get both “New All in One Facebook AUTOPOST TRAFFICS SOFTWARE and ACTIVE FACEBOOK GROUPS” you can get them for just 4,500 Naira only?


Get all these Genuine and POWERFUL BONUSES NOW:
1. DIFFERENT PLACES TO GET AUTHENTIC FACEBOOK FREE LIKE AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: would you like to get FREE FACEBOOK likes, Youtube subscribers, Instagram likes, free Twitter followers and or other social media subscribers for free? If yes then I have great news for you because I have combined different places where you can get everything FREE OF CHARGE. You don’t need to spend thousands of Naira anymore to get FACEBOOK likes, Youtube subscribers, Instagram likes, free Twitter followers and or other social media subscribers.
The Ultimate Amazon Kindle Spy Tool “New Unique Software Application ‘Reverse Engineers’ The Kindle Marketplace & Reveals Lucrative Kindle Niches – In Seconds!.”
It is also a new unique software application which reverse engineers the Kindle marketplace and helps you reveal lucrative Kindle niches in seconds.
It is an all in one tool that gives you all the stats for any particular niche you are looking for Monthly revenues, price niche price ETC.

3. 1Click Image Background Removal + Video Tutorial On How To Use It

4. Keyword Research Tool

5. YouTube COMPETITOR SPY SOFTWARE: Spy on Your Competitors and Hijack Their Traffic with this very POWERFUL Video Research Tool.
Benefits and Features of this POWEFUL YouTube COMPETITOR SPY SOFTWARE are endless.

6. 13 Free Online Tools To Make Writing SEO & CTR Effective Meta Description A Walk Through.

7. The Ultimate Guide To Create Android App For Blogger Blog.

8. 11 Must Have Free Social Media Management Tools To Increase Followers , Likes , and Shares.

9. A Very Lucrative and Profitable Business You Can Start With Ten Thousand Naira Only and Make The Profit of 5K-12K Daily.

10. FREE CamScanner: A Free Documents Scanner. It will scan all types of documents with your phone camera and convert it to PDF with ease. Stop paying for scanning and let’s this App do the jobs for you FREE OF CHARGE.
For payment kindly follow these steps:
You Can Pay Through Bank Deposit/Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc
STEP 1 – Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of “N4,500“ For digital version into any of these banks in Nigeria. The account details are: 
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0124257673.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3051129618.
This is what your text to me after payment:

Send it to 08137875458 or any of these email address: and Having done that your package will be forwarded to you immediately.
For Details Kindly Call/WhatsApp me on 0-8-1-3-7-8-7-5-4-5-8

You can also visit my website at for my OTHER SERVICE.

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