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Dear Friend,

Are You Struggling to Write Email Copies to Sell Your Training, Products or Affiliate Promotions?

Are you frustrated because frankly, you get stuck on what to write, how to persuade, and what are the right words to write in your email copies, and other things?
Or are you trying to write newsletters that resonate with your subscribers and buyers; but frankly speaking, you just keep getting stuck?
If so, you are not alone, in fact, many of my clients and friends have struggled to write email copies. . .
So Let Me Ask You This:

How would it feel to have completely done for you autoresponder series to copy, swipe, use for ideas, or to even use as a starter email series to write your own?

You may be struggling right now to write high-performing email copies, but imagine if you had professionally written autoresponder series - in a whole bunch of Niches, to choose from to copy, paste and use.

Will things not be extremely super simple and easy when you have professional email series completely done for you?
Imagine Owning Tens and Hundreds of Email Series Completely Done For You.

I can only imagine how much faster I might have progressed if I had started with this starter pack of Autoresponder Series.
But, here's something you need to know.

if you hire someone to write a single email copy for you, it's gonna set you back anywhere from $100 for a really basic copy from a beginner, to $500 for a decent copy from a consistent copywriter, to $10,000 or more for high-performing copy from an expert.

Let's imagine you were to commission each of these copies for just $300 - you would invest $21,000 for these Autoresponder Series!

Now, you are going to do one better - you are going to use these so that you can swipe, copy, and write YOUR OWN email copies, saving yourself $300 - $10,000 every time you write an email series -

So in some sense, it's worth MORE than $21,000 to you!

So I want to make this a real no-brainer, and I could sell this package for $300 or $500 or more. But for a limited time only, I'm running WSO-pricing on this, so that I've dropped the price and each time someone buys, the price goes up.
So instead of $21,000

or $500

or $300

Even though it will be very okay to charge just $100 for each of my 'Done For You' Autoresponder Series, I won't do that!

But for a limited time, you can get instant access to over 2000+ completely done for you email series for One-Time Payment of just 4,000 Naira.
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Look How Much Professional Copywriters Charge


That's an Average of $250 Per Email Series
But... What If I Give You Instant Access to
Completely 'Done For You' Autoresponder Series... So you can swipe, copy, edit and re-use the words or even pick up the whole Autoresponder series today and simply resell it for 100% pure profit.
Would You Love to Have It?
Here's what you get instant access to today... once you decide to get these DFY email series now:

100 DFY Autoresponder Series

Email Marketing » Niche Autoresponder Series+

You get instant access to a complete "fill in the blank" email series which is geared towards TEN main areas of your business!

=> People Who Signed Up For Your Free Report
=> People Interested In Resale Rights
=> People That Bought Your Ebook
=> That Downloaded Your Software
=> People That Joined Your Membership Site
=> People That Signed Up For Your Newsletter
=> People Who Have Bought Your Product
=> People Who Joined Your Affiliate Program
=> People Who Signed Up For Your Marketing Course
=> and many more topical email series

If you want to make one huge Autoresponder sequence that you load up, just search and replace to customize these emails. Then copy and paste into your autoresponder and customize for your main list, go ahead and do that.

2500+ DFY Autoresponder Series

Unlimited Email List » 2500 AutoResponder Messages New

Keeping in contact with your subscribers is very important when it comes to your business. But, creating content is not as easy as you might think. You're getting 2,500+ messages in 100+ different niches.

Here are some of the niches included...

Make money online, Dog training, Health and Beauty, Internet Business, Weight Loss, Dating and relationship, Travel, Pets, Coaching, Legal Services, Self Improvement
And so many more... (well detailed inside)

You get over 2,500 completely 'Done For You' Email Templates For All business. Just plug in the message series for whatever area of your business that you need messages for, customize to fit your specific offer and you’re ready to go!

200+ Niche Email Series

Email Marketing » Niche Autoresponder Series+

The best way to turn your mailing list into a cash pulling machine is to have high quality autoresponder series in place that gives your list valuable informationto increase engagement while building trust.

I'll give you access to my personal mega pack of niche email series messages that will help you pump your list with awesome detailed content that is well written and of a high quality. You'll get...

12 SEO Autoresponder Series
30 Blogging Autoresponder Series
24 Internet Marketing Autoresponder Series
30 Affiliate Marketing Autoresponder Series
30 Email Traffic Generation Autoresponder Series
52 Forex Email Autoresponder Series
52 Work at Home Autoresponder Series
That's over 200+ high quality information packed messages for you to load into your autoresponder right away and get your subscribers anticipating for your next mail.

The Truth Is...

These completely done for you Autoresponder Series I'm talking about is one "KILLER" of email copies!

They're proven winner that's generated hundreds of $$$£££ dollars and pounds in sales! Every time this copies is mailed, it converts!
Now, here's the thing, this is very powerful, it will change the way you write your next email messages, it's gonna make it extremely easy for you to get traction with your email campaigns day after day
And with 'Done For You' email copies to start using, reading and studying, you can grow fast and immediately become a better-professional email marketer.

Here Are Some Top Ideas On How You Can Use This Email Series Starting Today..

  • Use them as content filler to keep your subscribers interested in your emails when you're not sending out promotions.
  • Use them as article content and submit them to article directories to generate more backlinks and increase organic SEO traffic.
  • Use them to attract leads and deliver the emails once every 1-2 days as a mini crash course.
  • Take relevant snippets of text and paragraphs to help you write great openers to sales letters so your audience can relate to you before you lead into your sales pitch.
  • Create short useful reports from the emails. You can then create a simple text-based squeeze page and give away the report in exchange for an email address and follow-up with more emails from the package.
  • Re-purpose the content in any way you like, such as create them into one complete ebook or you can even break them down and re-purpose them as articles or complete new short reports.
  • Use them as online training as online seminars or webinars, charging people entry or get people to opt-in to get them. A get way to build your mailing lists.
  • You can extract the tips from the emails and compile them together into one big list. Send out a newsletter and post it on your blog to show your readers that you over-deliver.
  • You can use them to answer questions in niche forums. Copy and paste snippets of useful text to help answer questions in niche forums. People will thank you for the help and will check out your website in your signature link.
  • Or just use them as your very own personal use as the knowledge found within is priceless.
These are just a few ideas to get you started profiting with these email series, but you are only really limited by your imagination.

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Once Your Payment Is Received, Then I Will Deliver Your PACKAGE Into Your Email Address Instantly.

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